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We can help you with all the equipment you need. Ask about the available kayaks. If we don't have the kayak you want we can help you get it. If you travel to Ecuador we recommend you bring your own kayak and equipment if possible. Most airlines charge extra for transporting a kayak. Find out the policies on sports equipment with your airline before traveling to Ecuador. If you want to sell your kayak we can buy it. Ask about our kayaks for sale too.


Gear for rent here

Kayaks per day        




Dry top              



Hammock tent          

Sleeping bags        


Gas stove             

Heat gun + repair kit

Inflatable kayak 2pax 

Raft 14´´             

The kayaker's guide in Ecuador book  




If you want to store your kayak and equipment safely in our warehouse until your next trip to Ecuador, you can do very cheap. 

You can also store your kayak in our warehouse and offer it until you sell it for as long as you want.

We offer a safe place for you to leave all your equipment so you can return next season and not have to travel with your kayak on the plane again.

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Equipment donation

If you want to support the Kayak Club Ecuador project you can donate any equipment that will later be used for our local education program. We train new Ecuadorian talents to represent the country in international kayak slalom events.

White water kayaks and equipment for rent

Choose the best kayak for you!

Choose kayak please

Kayakistas Ecuador
Werner-paddles rent
Hardcore paddles rent
NRS equipment rent
Palm equipment rent
Liquidlogic kayaks rent
Pyranha kayaks rent
Jackson kayaks rent
Zet kayaks rent
Dagger kayaks rent
Hiko equipment rent
Waka kayaks rent
Prijon kayaks rent
Aire rafting rent
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