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Self guided tour


Cotundo is located 3 hours from Quito, 10 minutes from the city of Archidona and 15 minutes from the city of Tena. It is easily accessible by bus, taxi or private transport. The town of Cotundo is a 5 minute walk from our base. Here you can visit for free the petroglyph trail, the local church, the museum, rivers spots, caves, coffe shop, typical food restaurant, animal rescue center, bicycle rental, soccer field, volleyball and basketball. It is very easy to move. It is a totally safe, clean, tidy and pleasant small town. It is ideal for people who want to relax away from the big city. Some nights we invite our guests to discover the nightlife of the city of Tena and its surroundings, recommending the best places to eat and have fun. Visit this blog if you want to know the history of Cotundo.

Río de la selva

Half day jungle tour

Mondayacu canyon

The Canyon has a diameter of approximately 20 meters, at the base it forms a lagoon, which has a depth of approximately 4 to 5 meters, it is fed by a small waterfall that comes out of a cave, which is 10 meters deep, formed by water erosion. We start at 9am and finish at 2pm. Intermediate difficulty. Includes jungle guide, rubber boots, transportation and access. Bring water and snack.

Curso IRF89.jpg

Full day rafting trip II-III-IV

Jatunyacu River or Jondachi Hollin River

We are a Boutique company, which personalizes the service. We provide a warm, friendly and adventurous rafting service. We operated by qualified and certified personnel. Retailers in each service we provide, achieving fun, safety and enjoyment for all our customers. Focused on the detail of what we do, respect for our clients and the environment in which we work. Sharing experiences, knowledge and adventures.

Fotografía de paisajes

Self guided tour

More things to do here...

Llanganates area: 

  1. Laguna azul

  2. Cascada del Yani

  3. cascada Pimpilala 

  4. Orchid garden

Puerto Misahualli area (Monkey town): 

  1. Laguna de Paikawe

  2. Shiripuno Kichwa community and culture

  3. Butterfly farm(Ahuano)

  4. Canoe tour on the Napo River

  5. Bird waching

  6. Cascada de Latas

Tena area:

  1. Parque de la isla

  2. Parque lineal

  3. Cascada Suyupakcha

  4. Mirador el calvario

Archidona area:

  1. Cascada del Hollin

  2. Cascada de Yanayaku

  3. Volcan Sumaco

  4. Cascada Pucuno

  5. Templo de ceremonia

  6. Caverna Usayacu

  7. Caverna de Jumandy

  8. Geositio El Churo

  9. Fabrica de Chocolate

  10. Zoo El Arca

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